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Discovering the Best Ways to Spend School Holidays in Melbourne

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

As school holidays draw near, Melbourne emerges as a playground of endless possibilities for young adventurers searching for unforgettable experiences and endless fun.

Renowned as Australia's cultural capital, Melbourne beckons with many activities and attractions that will captivate the hearts and minds of children and families alike.

From iconic landmarks that define the city's skyline to hidden gems tucked away in its charming neighbourhoods, Melbourne offers a treasure trove of opportunities to create lifelong memories during these school holidays.

Today’s blog post invites you to embark on an enchanting journey through Melbourne's diverse and fascinating landscape. Sit back and enjoy discovering some of the best holiday programs in Melbourne.

Ride the City Circle Tram

Hopping on the City Circle Tram is a great way to kick off your school holiday adventures. This iconic and free tram service takes you on a leisurely ride around Melbourne's central business district, letting you soak in the city's rich history and stunning architecture. Let your senses gloat.

As you travel along the route, you'll pass by landmarks like Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and the Old Treasury Building. It's a great opportunity to learn about Melbourne's past while enjoying the comfort of a historic tram.

See St Kilda's Little Penguins

One of Melbourne's most delightful attractions is the St Kilda Pier, home to a colony of adorable little penguins. As the sun sets, these charming creatures come out of the sea to return to their nests on land, creating a heartwarming spectacle.

Observing the penguins in their natural habitat is a fantastic educational experience for kids, helping them learn about wildlife conservation and protecting our environment. Remember to maintain a respectful distance and avoid using flash photography to ensure the penguins' well-being.

Visit the RAAF Museum

A visit to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Museum is a must for aviation enthusiasts or curious young minds. Located at the Point Cook Airbase, just outside Melbourne, this museum offers a captivating glimpse into Australia's military aviation history.

From vintage aircraft to interactive displays and informative exhibits, the RAAF Museum provides a hands-on experience that allows visitors to learn about the country's aviation heritage and the brave men and women who served in the RAAF.

Explore the Fitzroy Gardens

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by immersing yourself in the serene beauty of Fitzroy Gardens. This picturesque green oasis offers various activities to entertain the whole family. Kids can explore the Tudor Village, a delightful miniature village with quaint cottages and beautiful gardens.

They can also visit Captain Cook's Cottage, a historic landmark that provides insights into Australia's colonial past. With vast lawns for picnicking and exploring walking paths, the Fitzroy Gardens is ideal for a leisurely outdoor day.

Immerse Yourself in the Queen Victoria Market

A visit to Melbourne wouldn't be complete without exploring the bustling Queen Victoria Market. This vibrant marketplace is a feast for the senses, offering fresh produce, gourmet treats, clothing, souvenirs, and much more.

Kids can enjoy sampling different foods, browsing through unique stalls, and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere. The market also hosts various special events and workshops during school holidays, allowing children to learn new skills and engage with local artisans.

Discover Melbourne Town Hall

Melbourne Town Hall is a magnificent example of Victorian architecture and a hub of cultural activity. The Town Hall often hosts interactive exhibitions, workshops, and performances tailored for young audiences during school holidays.

Something exciting always happens here, from art installations to music concerts and theatrical productions. Check their website or local event listings to see what's on during your visit.

Experience Art at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Located in the vibrant Southbank precinct, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) is a haven for art enthusiasts of all ages. The ACCA showcases cutting-edge contemporary art through its ever-changing exhibitions and installations.

The centre often offers engaging workshops and activities during school holidays to help foster creativity and inspire young minds. Exploring thought-provoking artworks and participating in hands-on art sessions can be an enriching experience for children, igniting their imagination and appreciation for the arts.

Code Camp

Code Camp is a holiday program in Melbourne that offers coding workshops and camps specifically designed for children aged 5 to 13. With a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators, Code Camp provides a unique learning experience that combines play, creativity, and technology.


With its diverse attractions and holiday programs, Melbourne provides a perfect playground for school holiday adventures. From riding the City Circle Tram and observing St Kilda's little penguins to exploring historical landmarks like the RAAF Museum and Melbourne Town Hall, there's no shortage of educational and entertaining activities to keep young minds engaged and inspired.

Whether a local or a visitor, make the most of your school holidays in Melbourne by discovering the city's hidden gems and creating lasting memories with your family and friends.

Remember to plan and check for special events or programs during your visit. With its friendly atmosphere and wealth of experiences, Melbourne truly offers something for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable school holiday experience.

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