Holiday Workshops


School holiday time is when The Art Factory buzzes with excitement and creativity. Each holiday period we offer a dynamic program of art and craft workshops to inspire kids from 4 – 14 years of age. Choose the workshops that take your fancy. All our workshops are facilitated by confident and talented artists who are dedicated to ensuring your child has an enjoyable and satisfying creative experience. Each program we offer new and original ideas and every artist takes home a stylish creation to be proud of!

  • Each session has a different theme and every child gets to take home their very own creation. We also play games and have other fun activities.

  • All sessions run for 2.5 hrs. Sessions times are 10:00am-12:30pm or 1:30pm-4:00pm

  • Sessions are $40 each

  • If you book in for 2 sessions on one day, kids can BYO lunch and stay 10:00am-4:00pm. Between 12:30pm-1:30pm kids are fully supervised as they have their lunch

  • Please pack water and a nut free snack for all sessions. If your child is staying for the full day please also pack lunch. 

  • The holiday workshops are drop off-classes, parents are not required to stay

  • BYO nut free snacks for all workshops

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Holiday Workshop Schedule

Decemer 14 - December 18, 2020

January 4 - January 22, 2021 


Morning: 10:00am-12:30pm

Afternoon: 1.30pm -4.00pm

Rainbow Neon Lion (Oil Pastels)

Mon | 14 Dec | 10.00am

OIL PASTELS SESSION: In this session kiddies will run taught how to sketch a lion with intricate face details. Then step two is FUN where they will use oil pastels and baby oil to add colour and details to their Neon Rainbow Lion.

Anime (Charcoal and Chalk)

Tue | 15 Dec | 10.00am

CHARCOAL AND CHALKS: These are tricky mediums to use and to master. This session is to introduce young ones to charcoal drawing and blending techniques. Who doesnt love practising while drawing Anime

Christmas Scene (Painting on Clay)

Wed | 16 Dec | 10.00am

CLAY PAINTING: This session is quite intricate and we do recommend this for 6+. We will paint a sledding reindeer onto our clay creations. Beautiful christmas decoration for years to come.

Dino World (Mixed Media)

Thu | 17 Dec | 10.00am

COLLAGE: Once all the elements for our very own unique jurrasic world are draw out, painted - its time to collage collage away. We are making a fun full dino world in this session.

Christmas in a Jar

Fri | 18 Dec | 10.00am

CRAFTY SESSION: If you want to make your own christmas world in a Jar ! This is the workshop for you ! Think snowflakes and snow frosted trees.

Mon | 4 Jan | 10.00am

Galaxy Jars & Space Crafts (STEAM)

Tue | 5 Jan | 10.00am

City Scape Perspective Drawing (Sketching)

Wed | 6 Jan | 10.00am

Swan Lake (Crafty)

Thu | 7 Jan | 10.00am

Unicorns & Rainbows (Painting)

Fri | 8 Jan | 10.00am

Giraffe (Oil Pastel)

Mon | 11 Jan | 10.00am

Cat Painting (Mixed Media)

Tue | 12 Jan | 10.00am

Pot Painting (Acrylic Painting on Terracota)

Wed | 13 Jan | 10.00am

Pug in the Park (Acrylic on Canvas)

Thu | 14 Jan | 10.00am

Jurassic World (Crafty)

Fri | 15 Jan | 10.00am

Terrarium (Crafty)

Mon | 18 Jan | 10.00am

Pot Plant (Paint Pouring/Collage)

Tue | 19 Jan | 10.00am

Sausage Dogs (Clay Play)

Wed | 20 Jan | 10.00am

Octopus (Acrylics on Canvas)

Thu | 21 Jan | 10.00am

Super Slime (STEAM)

Fri | 22 Jan | 10.00am

Fun Crafty Cameras (STEAM)

Up House (Crafty)

Mon | 14 Dec | 1.30pm

CRAFTY SESSION: This is going to be one fun box construction! A crafty session designed to let your imagination run wild! How many balloons will your house need to fly up into the sky?

Spring Trees (Paint Blowing)

Tue | 15 Dec | 1.30pm

PAINT BLOWING: You have all seen it paint blowing is an age old technique and it is SO much fun! In this session we will be playing with paint blowing and pouring techniques to create our spring time trees.

Tornado in a Jar (STEAM)

Wed | 16 Dec | 1.30pm

STEAM: If you want to know how to make a whirling tornado in your very own glass jar you need to attend this session. We will finish this session with a whooshing tornado canvas ! This session is where science smashing into art - tornado style!

Spider Man Canvas

Thu | 17 Dec | 1.30pm

ACRYLICS ON CANVAS: In this session students will learn acrylic techniques to paint one of their favourite superhereos on canvas. Make sure they come with their spiddie senses.

Christmas Slime and Wooden Tree Ornaments

Fri | 18 Dec | 1.30pm

SLIME: Christmas is just around the corner! This is our last chance to make the last few tree ornaments. Of course we end the year with glittery, shimmery, gooey green and red SLIME!

Mon | 4 Jan | 1.30pm

Turtles (Watercolour Painting)

Tue | 5 Jan | 1.30pm

Wooden Owls (Mosaic)

Wed | 6 Jan | 1.30pm

Wooly Llama (Canvas)

Thu | 7 Jan | 1.30pm

Penguins (Clay Play)

Fri | 8 Jan | 1.30pm

Monster Slime (STEAM)

Mon | 11 Jan | 1.30pm

Upcycled Wind Chime (STEAM)

Tue | 12 Jan | 1.30pm

Jelly Fish Painting (Paint Resist)

Wed | 13 Jan | 1.30pm

Rangoli (Sand Art)

Thu | 14 Jan | 1.30pm

Stain Glass Windows (Watercolour/STEAM)

Fri | 15 Jan | 1.30pm

Cherry Blossom Painting (Acrylic Painting)

Mon | 18 Jan | 1.30pm

Lighthouse (Crafty)

Tue | 19 Jan | 1.30pm

On the High Seas (Crafty)

Wed | 20Jan | 1.30pm

Tie Dye on Pillows

Thu | 21 Jan | 1.30pm

Dream Catchers (Crafty)

Fri | 22 Jan | 1.30pm

Exploding Volcanos (STEAM)

Schedule below is for ALL studios

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