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In this beautiful book we learn about the importance of mindfulness and breathing to help deal with fear and anxiety.

Included in your kit is a copy of Samson C. Turtle and the Deep Breath as well as all the art supplies required to complete three art activities based on the book. We hope you have a blast making them, and please remember to tag us on social with your finished masterpieces.  

What's in your kit?


Activity 1 - Samson C. Turtle Clay Play

Activity 2 - Underwater World Diorama

Activity 3 - Shark Deep Breath Blower

In this activity we use our cardboard roll, blue streamers and A4 shark blower cutout (and anything else you would like for decorations) to make our Deep Breath Blower.  We can follow Samson C. Turtle's advice, when we feel anxious and blow into this cool shark blower and watch the streamers flutter. In the video we didn't attach the blue streamers. However, the first step is to tape or glue the blue streamers onto the roll. Once it is attached you can cut the steamer into narrower strips as in the picture below. Once you have done this you can follow the rest of the video.

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