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Colour Explorers Kit

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This kit is part of our new toddler range, suited for kids aged 18 to 36 months. The kit is for kids to explore colours, patterns and shapes.

Included in the kit is a copy of 'Mix it Up' which is a book based on the joyful exploration of colour that will enchant young and old. Use your hand to mix up the colours. It's like magic. Smudge, rub, shake and have fun! An exuberant invitation to play.

Once kids have read the book they can have a go creating their own colours by mixing the beautiful bright paints on their own colour pallete, which they can use their imagination to name them whatever they want.

Lastly, but not least, included in the kit is a Montessori based rainbow, colour matching, sorting and learning toy. The great thing about this toy is it scales with age. Start the youngest learners with basic sorting, then as the progress they can make shapes and finally they can make and complete patterns. We even include some samples but the possibilities are endless.

We hope you love this kit as much as we do.

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